Should we open the spoiler thread Friday w/ fake spoilers

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Holy fuck, that's the scene when Shanks goes on WB's ship and Jozu says you can't stay conscious if you are weak willed, and the other one is Zoro using ryou in Alabasta.

Zoro uses CoC coating? :crazwhat:
Bro, @Lance_Dragonite how can you tease us like this. You realize I'll be blueballed for life after this if it doesn't happen :crazwhat:
>Sanji and zoro dies:josad:
>Luffy coudn't handle so many enemies alone and dies:fullmom::king::willsmith:
>Ussop regrets for not doing anything but as now he is the only crew memeber left.. he uses his speed that surpasses light and uses his observation haki at the same time and turns back time and saves everyone and defeats all the enemies and without wasting time, he uses his super powers and finds the location of laughtale and declares luffy as pirate king.
> Luffy feels depresed because he became pirate king without his own efforts and suicides...
> zoro coudn't take it and suicides
> Sanji sees Nami naked for more than 3 seconds and gets a site of robin naked and dies
> nami feels depressed because sanji died because of her and she suicides...
> Ussop losts his mind and regret joining this crew and destroy the whole planet and suicides