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Thinking about it, yeah Toki flashback could be longer and interesting, it matter if Oda going to reveal so much stuff about the void century or give little teaser.
We are at least going to get our first glimpse into the void century, but only through Wano's lens while teasing the bigger picture and other legends like Joyboy and Imu through it. That way Oda can preserve the full thing for when the SH's reach Raftel but create hype for it now.

Toki said she wasn't even born in Wano, so it'd be really interesting to see what circumstances led her to make a time jump and who made her do it in the first place. Knowing Oda all of this is not going to be left to interpretation considering all the clear build up towards it.
There are two separate flashbacks left to see in this arc. Not sure how long they'll be, but we are definitely getting 2 of them.

Edit- 3 actually
-More of Ushimaru/Ryuma tying in with Zoro being a Shimtosuki
- Wano's past, Toki's perspective back then etc..
And sanji's 2 years ofc.. they are a mystery.

seeing what Shokugeki no sanji shows in its latest chap.. he might have defeated the 99 masters in 1 year..

but what did he do in the next year?

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kata having the exact same style as kaido in his young days can't be a coincidence...
He probably idolised Kaido as he would have been around during her Rocks Pirate days? I really wanted him to be Kaido's son but that sunk hard LOL! His similarity to the beast pirates and Kaido's style has always bothered me, even more so after we saw young Kaido's dress sense as you said ofc!
Even his spiked mochi attack seems to be based on Kaido's kanabo, it definitely can't be coincidence! He reminded me of Whitebeard with his bravado about seeming mighty, infallible, never falling/lying on his back and as intimidating as him and Kaido too!

Damn I used a lot of exclamation marks there lol.


Ghostly Reflections

Clown In A Ghost Town

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Thank you for another great analysis/feedback. I think we can become best friends... (JJK reference). 😂

These thoughts are not easy to convey because people just skim through your texts and be judgemental. And who on earth would write an essay to convince people online. 😂

Yes, I am a writer myself, so I can tell when someone is beating around the bush. I have published several research articles

Just wanted to share

I have not used Drizzt or Dustan, but it happens everywhere. They want to keep those who talk positive about the series and promote it.

You are 100% right about America and west being shameless. I follow many celebs on Instagram and XXL mag. Recently there was MET Gala, and MALE artists were seen in gay outfits (i.e., Kid Cudi). Lil Nas X has used a naked album cover, and he is going all out with his outfits in recent events. It is the prime example of being shameless. When somebody hate on them, they call him a hater or homophobe, like they did with DaBaby.

Like Nas said to 50, "Dont body yourself", someone needs to tell this to Oda as well. Nobody is competing with OP, Oda is competing with himself, yet he is losing to his old self (pre TS).
Ahahaha, thank you so much to you too!

Ah wow, nice one about publishing research articles!


Yeah, I can understand that negativity kills fun/moods/hype and such, even discussions and causing more toxicity/arguments and such but it's not fair to not be able to criticise OP and Oda openly either. I understand their sentiments but it's frustrating to watch them go after Drizzt and anyone who criticises Oda and OP., even if they are just joking around with Drizzt ofc.

Yeah, the American celebrity culture and media has become so vividly abhorrent, perverse, disgusting and intentionally demonic even.
They've genuinely made me feel sick and an overwhelming sense of despair multiple times especially recently. And as you said, you can't criticise them because they have "certain power" and thus " political immunity" or such. I don't want to get too much into this topic but it's depressing to see what America is becoming like, even though ironically I wanted it to be much more progressive like a lot of the other parts of the world should too but NOT like this ofc!

Ahahaha, thats a very apt way to put it! I do like when these older rappers put out reality checks on others, Snoop has done that a lot to others from what I've seen before. I think Dr Dre too? That's exactly it, being in a "race against yourself", being your own worst enemy and biggest rival, that is extremely toxic and self destructive ultimately. I've learn thtta hard way for most of my life now! Still suffering from it now too daily!

Oda was much more fun when he wasn't taking thing so seriously and still had the truly no fucks given whimsical side to himself and the story, now it's gotten far too serious and lost it's spirit, it's soul ironically. It feels a lot less unique and lot familiar to other series now and it's really lost that sense of wonder and adventure for me.
It's not the same One Piece I fell in love with, much like seeing this girl I deeply, deeply fell in love with my entire heart, soul and mind become the most deranged, horrifying parody of who she was and everything she stood for and believed in. A LOT like the "shameless degeneracy" going on in this world currently, she's involved with that directly, willingly, openly and such too! The things she's done to her body, to her natural immense beauty, purity, innocence, it's so fucking depressing and even despair inducing. She completely destroyed me seeing her changed so much and without going into too much detail, "permanently ruining" her own body too.

But yeah, I am also being a hypocrite for complaining about people taking things too seriously, God knows I am the champion of that for many years now! LMAO! But I guess we are hypocritical by nature after all?

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