Should we open the spoiler thread Friday w/ fake spoilers

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which bet and who wins the bet?....
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I think Oda is gonna have Zoro struggle against King to give the fight more substance which would make “true Zoro fans” happy because he’s finally being challenged

Then we get Gear 5 or Momo Hybrid/Awakening at the end of the chapter or something....

^ Just a theory :kayneshrug:
G5 ain't coming this soon.......
It's a stupid gamble. When you are in this situation and you hid for years and years you don't take that kind of gamble. Plus yeah Zoro is a foreigner, that doesn't mean he is 100% an ally. The guy helped her once that's it. It doesn't mean that Zoro was 100% with them. What would have happened if Zoro wasn't a true ally, or betrayed her later etc ?

It's an insult to Kawamatsu and Kyoshiro who protected her for 20 years.

She didn't wait a little bit and didn't try to learn informations about him, why he was here etc, no she took a gamble with very very little informations ? yeah its bad
Oda could have developed more relation before she reveals herself.....besides, from Komurasaki to Hiyori, her character was downgraded......