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Title: Grandson of Garp
- Luffy uses fist of love on Kaido
- All of a sudden, Kaido sees Garp in Luffy and remember how Garp used the same move on him during the god valley incident to knock him out
- Kaido commented on how Garp was one of the two marines to ever defeat him, the other one being Garp's older brother (the spoiler provider refuses to divulge his name)
- Kaido used Thunder Bagua for the 1000th time *sigh* but this time Luffy stopped Kaido's club by stepping on it just like Akainu did against WB
- Luffy used a new move called "fist of hate" taking out Kaido's teeth and knocking him down below
- Kaido landed on King, killing him in the process
- Zoro got so upset at Kaido for interferring and uses Dragon Blaze, for the first time in his life, Kaido was sweating profusely at the thought of dying.
- Chapter ended before Dragon Blaze could hit
- Break next week