Should we open the spoiler thread Friday w/ fake spoilers

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Since the spoilers aren't out yet, does anybody know where can I access the complete official onepiece manga in español? A platform that similar to Viz Media but using spanish, since Mangaplus only provides the first and last 3 chapters.

Kurozumi Indigo

82 Days for Ragnarok
You wait like the rest of us and find out, there’s no shortcuts in life boy
There actually are shortcuts in life, you just need be born inside a really rich family OR being born extremely attractive. :kayneshrug:

I'm pretty sure that if you had enough money, you could get a personal spoiler provider somewhere in the world just to send you spoilers as soon as they show up. The spoiler provider would get paid for it and they would be less likely to get caught, since they would be spoiling for a single person.