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I agree, if I had anything to say about them:

Jack - possibly worst case, his hybrid looks weird, and despite its use, he was destroyed by Inu, we didn't even see a single attack.
Ulti and PageOne - they definitely fare better than Jack on this subject (especially Ulti), but the fact that they were annihilated by BM makes their hybrids ultimately irrelevant.
Black Maria - her hybrid does not look bad, but the fact that she fought right away using this form eliminates its importance.
Sasaki - his hybrid looks interesting, and he has second place for being able to fly.
Who's-Who - his hybrid looks great, the fight was awsome - for me the best performance / show of the hybrid so far.

In the case of Queen, King, X Drake -i will wait until the end of the fight with the judgment.

If i had to say something about the Kaido hybrid, I would say that it outclasses the rest in terms of looks and power, but i also think that it was shown in such a strange, and fast way that i think Kaido have something else (awakening).

Hybrid jack look like failed centaur from punk hazard.


To find the All Blue!
Eh, Queen and Jack’s hybrid was really hit or miss but it will be hard to make King’s hybrid look bad.

By the way, I don’t find Queen’s hybrid particularly bad looking, it’s not magnificent but still pretty decent and in line with what a hybrid Zoan should look like. Would have been hard to come up with a design as good as his full Zoan form anyway, that’s like the best one along with Sasaki’s.
I like Queen's hybrid quite a lot.
But I also know that it is good due to the mecha-shenanigans incorporated in it.
Without them, it would look really bad.
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