What should Pot Goblin read/watch first?

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I have high hopes for this episode. Toie will show some top-tier animation.:steef:

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Next arcs:
- Marejoa
- Elbaf
- Laugh Tale

Yes,i dont think the final battle will happen in Marejoa!
Elbaf? With Oda pacing it will turn in a 5+years mid arc with shitty villains like Big Meme. Fuck it. I rather have Black Beard or WG arc. After all WG won't fall after single arc. We can have Akainu as the main antagonist in the next arc and still keep Im,5 elders and CP0 for the final war.
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Yeah, we see Sanji clashing with normal DJ against Queen CoA punch, Sanji DJ get stronger twice, suddely when both attacks clash, we see a insane CoC shockwave, everyone in the live floor are shocked. Sanji feel that his fire get far stronger and he use a new form in combo of his fire power+haki:

And Sanji kick make a fireshockwave and send Queen across the whole castle, we see amazing speed moves of Sanji, Queen can barely react:

Queen use insane large beam attack, Sanji get only little scratch from it, a attack who vaporized a mountain.
Sanji use a new attack.
Queen use his trumpcard awakening, chapter ends...
Then I wake up and realized everything was just a dream......