What should Pot Goblin read/watch first?

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Drizzt is a One Piece Youtuber who has started disliking One Piece for a few years now, he is friends with many other Youtubers like Morj and Brago, and he shows up on their livestreams constanly.

Mind you that he used to make videos back in the day, but once he didn't like One Piece that much anymore he stopped doing videos on it, it wasn't just free hating the series making a bunch of hatred videos.

But he gets invited constantly by his friends on streams and they ask him his opinions on it anyway, maybe they just find it funny or want to hear the other side of the opinion by someone who isn't enjoying the series that much anymore.

Anyway, he has been working on this video to explain the problems he has with One Piece lately because people keep asking his opinion and wanting a video from him.

He has a really bad rep in the One Piece Reddit as you can imagine, because you can't be negative about One Piece or Oda at all.
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is that Walmart Kratos on your avi?
Grog Strongjaw, a character from the first campaign by Critical Role.

The first campaign is getting an animated show thanks to a huge kickstarter project for a first season and now amazon jumping in to pay for a second season.

Yeah, he resembles Kratos a little bit, but they are very different characters.

Grog is like a giant baby, loves violence and killing things, but he has the mind of a 5 year old.

Kratos much better of course.

But this Grog design with the long beard and using axes is from 2015~2017, before God of War 2018, so in a way Kratos "stole" that look from him.

In fact Cory Barlog (God of War 2018's and God of War 2's game director) is friends with the people that make Critical Role, so he would've know about Grog.
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