What would make you happiest?

  • Sanji holding his own against Kizaru

    Votes: 101 34.9%
  • Zoro slicing Lucci to death while Jinbore stares in awe

    Votes: 59 20.4%
  • Vegaskunk dying

    Votes: 30 10.4%
  • More BB crew moments

    Votes: 27 9.3%
  • TAC giving you his admin status

    Votes: 22 7.6%
  • Nika actually not laughing

    Votes: 27 9.3%
  • Seeing Caribou fangirl over BB

    Votes: 3 1.0%
  • Kaido returns for Wano Act 4

    Votes: 20 6.9%

  • Total voters
I like this theory.

If Mihawk is a Celestial Dragon, I could see Luffy fighting Shanks and Zoro fighting Mihawk in Mary Geoise/on top of the Red Line.

Zoro vs Mihawk on an empty stretch on top of the Red Line would be fucking hype.
I can see Zoro maybe cutting the Red Line in half with his final attack on Mihawk, like Mihawk did with that big iceberg in Marineford but much bigger/more impressive.
After all I don't believe the Red Line is totally indestructible, some people from Wano could carve into the Poneglyphs and someone gave Big Mom her tattoos, so I bet the Red Line can be cut with ACoA and ACoC