What would make you happiest?

  • Sanji holding his own against Kizaru

    Votes: 101 35.1%
  • Zoro slicing Lucci to death while Jinbore stares in awe

    Votes: 58 20.1%
  • Vegaskunk dying

    Votes: 30 10.4%
  • More BB crew moments

    Votes: 27 9.4%
  • TAC giving you his admin status

    Votes: 22 7.6%
  • Nika actually not laughing

    Votes: 27 9.4%
  • Seeing Caribou fangirl over BB

    Votes: 3 1.0%
  • Kaido returns for Wano Act 4

    Votes: 20 6.9%

  • Total voters
Yeah, now there's a good argument that Shanks might low diff Big Mom... Tbh, I always thought that no top tier can mid diff the other one but with this... I don't know how powerlevels are even debatable at this point. It makes no sense whatsoever.

That's why I detest OP powerscaling nowadays.
Nah even if Shanks one shotted Kid, I still don't believe Shanks can low diff Big Mom.

However I don't believe it would be a high diff fight either, regardless it does seem like Shanks is 100% stronger than Big Mom and most likely Kaido as well.
Shanks steals a df from WG.
Shanks goes alone to WB's ship, shows off CoC, cracks skies.
Shanks stops Kaido from entering Marineford.
Shanks enters Marineford ends the war, orders everyone around. Even Sengoku accepts what he says.
Shanks goes on a walk and meets Gorosei. They listen to him.
Shanks comes out for a cruise to Wano, wifi diffs an Admiral.
Shanks decides to fight serious first time, wrecks havoc.
Film Red: you know it all.

Do you even believe this wasn't happening? The cope is getting absurd. He was wanked from the very first. He was built up as a menace. These people have problems accepting his superiority.
There is no wank, he has been built like this from a long ass time. Accept it and move on.
It's incredible the amount of cope people have.

When Luffy said in chapter 1 he wants to be a man just like Shanks with all his heart in chapter 1 people should have already known he wasn't a random person in the manga. Now they cry about "Oda's self-insert" like this came out of nowhere.
I'm 110% sure Shanks isn't doing this by his own.
That's why he gather all his goons and ask help from giants.
The spoiler and hints only talk about Kid getting washed. Not giving details what does it take.......
There's nothing to overwank Shanks or continue clowning Kid yet...

Worstgen can always hype a chapter and make things too extreme even if actual chapter was nothing like that when released
Hope Chapter will come and clear up everything....