What would make you happiest?

  • Sanji holding his own against Kizaru

    Votes: 100 35.1%
  • Zoro slicing Lucci to death while Jinbore stares in awe

    Votes: 57 20.0%
  • Vegaskunk dying

    Votes: 30 10.5%
  • More BB crew moments

    Votes: 27 9.5%
  • TAC giving you his admin status

    Votes: 22 7.7%
  • Nika actually not laughing

    Votes: 26 9.1%
  • Seeing Caribou fangirl over BB

    Votes: 3 1.1%
  • Kaido returns for Wano Act 4

    Votes: 20 7.0%

  • Total voters

Gorosei Informer

Ironically I've been asleep for a few hours but had to wake up early. Thinking going back to bed though as I'm shattered and need more rest lol.

But if i stay awake just a few more hours I can sleep at an actually reasonable, normal time too and try to fix my sleep pattern for the 4375th time.

I've had long term insomnia causes by trauma for 13 years now. It sucks like hell.