What early spoilers should we post to bait reddit?

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Big Mom chapter??
Tbh, I don think so. I'm sure we'll get more updates to that fight but imo I think this next chapters going to (finally) be Orochi/Fukurokuju focused and a lot of people aren't going to like it as much. Hope I'm wrong but it has to happen eventually. Hiyori is clearly doing something big and Oda left off the Fuku stuff for a reason. Plus, Momo is technically tied to all of this with Yamato, the Kazenbo and the explosives. So it seems like Oda is going to have to work to tie all of this together and end that plotline over the next few chapters.
After watching the latest episode i just realized Oda only allowed the original East Blue 5 to take on Dragon/Dinosaur DF users

Luffy vs Kaido
Zoro vs King
Sanji vs Queen
Nami vs Ulti
Usopp vs Page One