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To find the All Blue!
I don't get the use of "better" in this situation. Ricardo is the main character's final obstacle. Of course he'll get more spotlight to showcase his dominance. Mihawk's character is taking a different route. He's not simply "Zoro's goal" anymore. He's developed into a teacher, friend, etc...

Before his arc with Perona and Zoro, it was more of a 1:1 comparison, it's not anymore. Mihawk's moved on from the "It's lonely at the top" archetype.

And OP's tone is very different to HnI. Oda will never keep a straight face on his characters all the time. We'll probably never see Ricardo have quirky scenes like Mihawk's had with Perona and Zoro.
To be more specific, when I refer to "better", imo, i'm talking about that "strongest in the world" portrayal. I simply cannot grasp the feeling that Mihawk had during the early arcs of the story, due to the fact that I see way more impressive people doing way cooler stuff and, when he appears, he just gets blocked every time. Heck. He can't even one shot a Marineford scrub Luffy.

Again, a lot of my disappointment with Mihawk, is more with how power creep affects One Piece as a whole. His "feats" just don't feel that impressive anymore.
What were his feats? Cutting some big ship? Zoro does that the moment he comes back to Sabaody. Cutting some big Ice block? Law cuts a mountain. Zoro cuts a freaking Colossal stone giant. Can't one shot a pre haki training Luffy, meanwhile Luffy can barely beat Katakuri and even later gets one shot by a single attack from Kaido while using gear 4. Know what I mean?
Besides, the whole "black blade" plot is so convoluted at this point that it's hard to care about it still. First we have Mihawk saying "any blade can become a black blade. just clad it with haki". Then Zoro goes and does that. Fucking Raisin from BM Pirates does it as well, etc. But, OUT OF NOWHERE, there are black blades, and Black Blades, which, for some unknown reason becomes permanent or not.
Also it's really boring that the "world's strongest swordsman" is something that almost no one gives two fucks about. Apart from Zoro, Vista and some Okama fodders, who the fucks gives a shit about it?
It's not like Zoro doesn't hold a special weight in the story. I think giving a bit more love to Mihawk's presentation could go a long way in making Zoro's quest more appealing.