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Just joking I have read this manhwa
It's very good
Omg right? Right? Simple but good, and more importantly it feels true, it feels genuine. Somehow it reminds me of pre-timeskip One Piece. Even when pre-timeskip One Piece is better, but this manhwa is also uh close to the heart i think? Dunno how to explain it.


~~Surpass Your Limits, Right here, Right now~~
He gives that handicap to himself since he is a master. How can you not notice this. Tsk tsk.

If you havent read this stuff you really should.
I know

It will turn dark later.

It's based on a LN which I am up-to-date.

He will become more badass with long hair when he will embark on a journey to seek revenge for the death of one of his closest ally. What made this revenge seeking more brutal is that everytime he will kill, he will cut a specific body part to be presented on the grave of his friend.

Why? Because he only received the fingers of his friend so when he buried the friend he swore that he will complete the body of his friend by the blood and bones of those who killed him/her.

He will become emotionless and will kill without showing any remorse.
Okay my headcannon is over. Peace out ✌️