What will Greenbull do in 1054?

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Akira Mado
Confirmed by greenon from Arlong Parking Forums. Thanks to Korean leakers.

Chapter 1026.

Title : "2 sides of a same moon".

- The cover is Whitebeard's crew against Roger's crew in a football match.
- Chapter starts with Inu vs Jack.
- Jack uses new technique named "Bandit Horn" against Inuarashi.
- The attack is dodged but it can be controlled at distance by Jack.
- Inuarashi is heavily injured.
- Focus on Nekomamushi vs Perospero. Perospero is about to faint.
- Nekomamushi rushes toward Perospero's position to achieve him.
- It was a trap and Perospero pierces Nekomamushi's abdomen.
- Wanda and Carrot are crying because they can't do anything in their state.
- Perospero is laughing and says : "You'll join your friend Pedro soon".
- Chapter ends with Momo facing Kaido. Momo says he has a bad feeling.
- No break next week.