Who will fight alongside Luffy in the last war?

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Oda will deliver with Shanks. BB will be better than Doffy I already feel it. But by that point they aren’t really Yonkos
It’s basically fight for PK
Eh, wouldn't even put Kaido/BM in the same gradient as Shanks/BB. Those 2 are far more important/mysterious character that have been around over twice as long
Fair points, mates, but Shanks and BB delivering will at least salvage whatever credibility left for the Yonkos as a group.
Its not something new its bad for the last 5 years. It just becomes really bad. But the worst part is us the young people has to think about politics and working for our families just to live. I miss the old days. :josad:
Yes I saw some street discussions where the young people explained their situations.
I was in my hometown last summer and the prices were terrifying. I felt so bad for the people living there