If there was a dislike button, who would have the most dislikes?

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Nobody cares about Drake.

At least the person being Law Kid or even Luffy would have made it a little bit more dramatic.

Still waiting for the necessary sacrifices Oda was talking about in Jump Festa.
We know Oda aint killing Luffy, Kid or Law so that would be fake tension. We not sure even Oda have the guts to kill Drake but its still better than a character we all expect it to be.

Oda talked about sacrifices? He couldnt even kill Kinemon there is no sacrifice.
We not sure even Oda have the guts to kill Drake
He couldnt even kill Kinemon
Yes, people have to deal with it. There will be no impactful sacrifices, the Kinemon bullshit was bad enough, it was ridiculous. How this guy is still alive is a disaster, I really hoped Oda will at least kill HIM.
Kiku losing an arm and Kinemon dead, this would still be tame for Oda's record but at least it would be SOMETHING.
Instead we got will of p level plot armor. I'm done with this shit.