Which of these is most likely to happen in Wano?

  • Kaido lives

    Votes: 36 16.5%
  • BMP appear

    Votes: 23 10.6%
  • Marines appear

    Votes: 29 13.3%
  • Drake gets a W

    Votes: 6 2.8%
  • Yamato joins the crew

    Votes: 74 33.9%
  • ZKK

    Votes: 74 33.9%
  • TAC becomes admin

    Votes: 27 12.4%
  • Kaido shows awakening

    Votes: 31 14.2%
  • One of the good characters dies

    Votes: 14 6.4%
  • Smoothie (because why not)

    Votes: 14 6.4%

  • Total voters
Wait until Kaido allies with Luffy

Only a year of Kaido can save this arc
Yes its time for Luffy to have Kaidou as Taskmaster. Weak and incompetent crews? Daddy Kaidou will welcome anyone with hardass resistance training regiments. Functional training? Strength training? Body-building? Endurance? Durability? Elemental control? Haki training? Kaidou is the legendary master whose life is battle itself. He will make Strawhats into battle-hardened warlords. With his winds, Sunny can travel much faster. Emergency situations in the sea? The crew and Sunny itself can ride Kaidou's Dragon Form, he can assume temporary role of Aircraft. Sea Monster? Dont make it funny, Kaidou makes them eat his kanabo. Ancient Weapons on the verge on destroying the world at the final saga, while Luffy is occupied with Blackbeard and Imu, while Zoro is occupied with Mihawk or Gandhi? Worry not, WSC to the rescue! He'd be more than happy to create World of Violence for the Ancient Weapons! Even more role for him? Dont forget. Yamato is gonna join the Strawhat, who's better for babysitting her other than her own dearest daddy! Luffy getting bored to death? Kaidou is the only one can make the brat's life enjoyable. Just pull over at nearest empty island and both WSCs can duke it out there.

So thats why Kaidou is the next nakama.
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There is ZERO tension at all in this entire raid... we know no one in the capital is gonna die, we know Oda doesn't have the balls to kill off Any characters on the alliance side even though there were perfect opportunities to do so ( Kiku, ashura doji, hyogoro, kinemon).

At the very least make the things going on in between interesting, like I don't know maybe Robin finds the phoneglyph in the basement and we find out something interesting. But no, what we get is Robin and Brook running around doing nothing.

When there are many plot threads and only 1 or 2 are interesting then don't jump around so much that next chapter could be the resolution of the DF mistery or it could just be a Hiyori chapter.

Also would be extremely funny if Doji dies. Like nobody dies from explosions in OP.


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So at this point which ongoing side-plot thing you think is the worst?

My vote goes to the whole bomb defusal thing. From the start we all know Onigashima is not going to explode and kill everyone so the only interesting part of the whole thing is what happens between Yamato leaving Momo and her dealing with the bombs.

So far it has been shit tier panel wasting garbage that has not provided anything interesting that couldn't have been done in much simpler ways. Just the though of next chapter focusing on that makes me sad.

Honorable mentions: Raizo vs Fuku, Kinemon and Kiku inmortal journey and Orochi's death flags galore.
The explosion thing pretty much fake tension, no one dead maybe too.

And now we entered the theories about Tama Devil fruit became Gorosei discussion.

Why Oda flop so hard :josad: