Who will fight alongside Luffy in the last war?

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I am jealous, 90% of the time, the most enjoyable part of the manga reading experience is finding something new and binge reading until you are caught up.

Once you are caught up and follow it to the end, 99% of the time it will disappoint. either ending turns out trash (Naruto, AoT) or doesnโ€™t end at all (Berserk, HxH :josad:)
It eez what it eez.

these lengthy stories need to be binged to an extent yo actually retain the hype

imagine having read one piece weekly since FMI

that's... bruhlike damnn just the amount of mental tolerance one would require
I always thought some people overreacted about the nosebleed thing, this barely got any panels in the manga, Oda even made Sanji's character himself admit that this is "shameful" and think this is only happening because he passed 2 whole years without seeing real women.

It's funny cuz when Sanji sees Shirahoshi for the first time, Chopper says "Sanji got back to normal, that is the old Sanji"

It's obviously an idiotic gag that Oda (and japanese in general) think its legitimately funny, so there is nothing much to do about that

Oda clearly took some time during FMI to give us casual moments with the Strawhats, where they just chill, talk about everything and have some fun after 2 years without seeing each other, lots of gags, both old, new and their "updated" versions also came into play consequently to everyone.
personally i don't have a problem with the gags coz i understand them.. not like some profound wisdom behind them... i just take it for what it's worth.. but just imagine having to weekly keep up with this Lmao especially when it starts getting repetitive.. yes it does get exaggerated a bit but oda did go a bit far that even if it was realistic... personally idc i didn't even fret over it while binging one piece
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but just imagine having to weekly keep up with this Lmao
Yeah.. i mean, you get into the post-timeskip, hyped as hell, you have to ready it weekly + there are break weeks, and then you got an arc like FMI where nothing that much relevant happens, but the opposite.

Biggest problem with One Piece (or shonen in general) is setting your expectations too damn high

I just think that saying FMI is bad especifically because Sanji barely got 10 solo panels of nosebleeding after he met some hot mermaids who were squashing their tits on his face, is pretty damn unfair. FMI in general wasn't an arc to be super excited, as i said, Oda wanted to give the Strawhats some chill before they start the real thing

You know.. Thats Oda's pacing and way of doing things :suresure:

To think all these years of post-timeskip was all a build up for Wano :kobeha:
To think all these years of post-timeskip was all a build up for Wano :kobeha:
fr like it just reinforces what you say... FMI wasn't a typical post TS ARC it was technically just meant for intro

and bruh saying sanji ruined FMI is just low mental effort coming to that conclusion..

FMI was a decent arc in all honestly, typical of a one piece arc.. and prolly the threshold to real stuff.. like the entire NW is fundamentally unique from FMI.. which isn't even directly connected to NW except for Luffy's character arc of him owning FMI as his territory.

i get why folks would be pretty aggravated over sanji's nose bleeds.. reading OP weekly its got to do more with pacing its the same bottle neck we run it to noe but i don't think it in of itself should be a determining factor for the arc thats just going too far.
@RogersBase its pretty surprising for a casual reader like you to join such a rowdy forum dominated with power scaling discussions

just don't be consistently active here honestly.. coming from a fellow consumer you screaming zkk at your streams is the last thing i want.
the hero is supposed to get better with time though
He reached his lowest by WCI. Things are only going to get better. If I have to guess, Oda just finished writing the "the road back home" part. Up next are "master of two worlds," "return with special knowledge," and "ascent to a higher plane."

Audacious claim: One piece is a story of Sanji's ascension as the final hero. Luffy is a conduit.