Which of these is most likely to happen in Wano?

  • Kaido lives

    Votes: 11 16.7%
  • BMP appear

    Votes: 9 13.6%
  • Marines appear

    Votes: 5 7.6%
  • Drake gets a W

    Votes: 3 4.5%
  • Yamato joins the crew

    Votes: 21 31.8%
  • ZKK

    Votes: 27 40.9%
  • TAC becomes admin

    Votes: 10 15.2%
  • Kaido shows awakening

    Votes: 11 16.7%
  • One of the good characters dies

    Votes: 2 3.0%

  • Total voters

These are all the hints I've gotten. Last 2 pics about 821 cover are just a theory (based on the fire hint) made by a dude.

I think that Luffy is pulling a powerup that uses fire in a certain way (gear 5). His awakening is not about turning his surroundings into rubber but about converting his rubber into liquid rubber. This may even be related to the df the Gorousei are talking about if the GIF hint of the cat with the book "the art of military strategy" refers to it. Maybe Luffy is not the gomu gomu no mi but the nika nika no mi (oil).
No news about Kaido..
No awakening or new fighting style hints
@MonsterKaido, this doesn't look good
- Chapter 1,038: "Soul Crusher"
- Kaido and Luffy are still fighting.
- Kid can damage Big Mom since Law opened wounds inside her.
- Big Mom grabs Kid and Law tries to stop her with a strong Kroom attack which uses 5 swords attached to his hand with strings.
- Big Mom is severely damaged but that doesn't stop her.
- While Big Mom prepares to bit Kid, he sees his crew corpses inside her mouth.
- Kid hesitates and Big Mom manages to take 60 years from him.
- She creates a new homie with his life span using the metal puppet he was using early. It's called "Soul Crusher".
- Soul Crusher and Hera combine their bodies and land an electric punch on Kid that crushes his neck.
- While Law is trying to recover energy Big Mom attacks him with Napoleon and Prometheus.
- Law is cut in half but he recovers using another string ability that unites his body through Kroom.
- Prometheus enters Law's mouth and explodes inside him.
- At the end of the chapter Robin and Brook are in front of a Poneglyph.
Fake, we' ve already seen Kid's crew fighting. They ain't inside Big Meme. Law hasn't suddenly become Doffy either.
They'll finally have an answer for the question they asked in whiskey peak, on which of them is stronger :stealthblack:
We will finally see whose CoC is stronger :datas:

So, final One Piece fight is either Zoro vs Mihawk or Zoro vs Luffy confirmed? :arnoling:

Weird how both involve Zoro who allegedly is not the MC, but ok. :denzimote:
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Its only fair since 90% of One Piece fandom discussion is revolved around Zoro. Either out of love or hate
Fake, we' ve already seen Kid's crew fighting. They ain't inside Big Meme. Law hasn't suddenly become Doffy either.
I know I made that up lol. The idea was that Kid was seeing a random ilusion. Law can create electricity and that doesn't meean he has Enel's fruit. He uses surgical attacks and strings can be part of the set.
I'm just bored tho


๐Š๐จ๐ค๐ฎ๐ญ๐จ ๐’๐ก๐ฎ๐ฌ๐ฎ๐ข
@Seth eyeshield 21 . It is American football manga.

Warning : donโ€™t take these scenes seriously . No way Japan beating USA at high school football game.
I heard about this. The MC is completely unfit for the Football player ( with his build ) yet he manages to utilize some of his skills or something like that, right? I was thinking about starting this one day.