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One Piece Chapter 1011: Kaidou Vs Strawhat

- Chapter starts when BM appears in the sky with upgraded Prometheus, kaidou is badly hurt from Luffy attack in the previous chapter
- Kaidou get up and make some dialogue to Luffy that he is impressed with his skill improvement in a short period of time, once he said the battle is a waste of time if they kill each other
- Luffy said that he is not willing to cooperate with Kaidou or BM because he wants to free wano
- Kaidou laughs and stares at Luffy and uses a new technique that hits Luffy so bad, the technique is related to lightning that is fast even using an advanced observation haki, kaidou imbued his kanabo with a huge amount of CoC, and his body is being imbued by backlighting.
- The 2-year training Luffy learn a new technique that is devasting resemble a tiger (θ’γ‚Œη‹‚γ†γƒˆγƒ©) but some consequences can exchange to this technique, the attack is so sharp even Kaidou metal bat can destroy when this attack landed.
- The Onigashima island is sawed from the flower capital, everyone in the capital is panicking and they are evacuating from the area.
- Law teleport Zoro to the lower ground where he saw Nami, Brook, and Ussop, and Scabbards, the scabbard ask if they already defeated and ask where is Luffy dunno, Law reply that Luffy is gonna when the fight
- Zoro is badly injured but Law is can able to move, thanks to his technique it lessens the effect of thunder bagua
- No break next week
Early spoilers
Title: King, Queen and Jack

Law refuses to leave the roof, because Luffy isn’t his captain. Law agrees to teleport Zoro just like he did with the scabbards. Law and Luffy vs Kaido begins.

We leave the roof and Zoro is teleported where the scabbards first were, and a barely conscious Zoro sees Jack with Inu defeated.

The scabbards meet Yamato for the first time and she gets excited to meet them. After a short chat she leaves Momo to them and wants to help Luffy on the roof.

We cut to Jinbe vs Who’s Who for a little, it seems like they’re equal.

Back to the treasure room. After Jack defeated Inu, he goes to finish off Zoro. Zoro begins to cry and talking about how he still has a dream to fullfill. Jack goes hybrid and is about to deal the finishing blow. Sanji comes outta nowhere and saves Zoro. Sanji one shots Jack and asks him to call King and Queen to the treasure room so he can deal with the 2 of them. End of chapter
One piece 1011 spoilers

chapter title:'' The fated meeting''

We see law take zoro down there to second floor in a room to take care of his wounds. After that, law tells zoro he will leave him there, he is safe i nthe room, he needs to go help the others down there, like chopper.

Performance floor, monster chopper is owned by Queen, marco can't help him because he is busy with king, drake is fighting apoo.

We see sanji, he decided to go after momonosuke because he thinks kinemon and the scabbards can manage, momonosuke is the one they need to protect.
Sanji stops and sees a huge lady and falls inlove, it's yamato.

Scene changes to Zoro, he tries to leave to go fight some more, but meets orochi.
Zoro:'' basterd, it's you.''
Orochi shocked:'' it's that ronin from flower capital''
zoro:'' our meeting was fated, a duel of legends''
orochi:'' that's right, i forgot, this guy is crazy like oden''

back to sanji and yamato. yamato asks sanji to take her to the roof to fight kaidou and help luffy. momonosuke wants to come to to fight kaidou, he is not going to be useless anymore.

Performance floor: Law shows up and saves chopper before Queen can last finishing blow.

Orochi goes hybrid zoan mode to fight zoro. He says he can't be klld.

Roof, luffy is starting to get really tired and kaidou smiles. But someone shows up on the roof. It's sanji, yamato and momonosuke.

Kaidou is angry.

Chapter end. Golden Week break