Who will fight alongside Luffy in the last war?

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Confirmed by Redon, thank you!!

- Sanji vs Queen.
- Sanji wants to finish the fight quick and uses Hell Memories.
- King keeps looking at Sanji, but Zoro hits him offguard.
- Sanji finishes off Queen and Sanji collapses too.
- Sanji didn't take any damage that's why Zoro is surprised that Sanji collapsed.
- King: Could it be?...
- We cut to the roof.
- Yamato is defeated.
- Momo and Luffy arrive.
- Marco arrives too and Yamato stands up.
- in an impressive double page we see Luffy, Momo, Marco and Yamato vs Kaido
- Kaido laughs and looks at Momo
- Kaido: damn Vegapunk