Who will fight alongside Luffy in the last war?

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Was it? The first spoilers always come from Korean leakers from far as i know, and 106.101 was the most reliable one. Redon just added that info out of nowhere?

During 1015 it was said that Sanji's attacks didn't hurt Queen, but Perospero's arrows did, but actually the opposite happened.

Its just wrong info added, or a change/edit on the actual info for no damn reason when its about Sanji.

I laugh my ass off everytime i read 993 full summary :gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh:
Kid fans have Patrice, and the man posts like 20k tweets about Zoro hating.
All and all, I don't hate Kid. The only thing I argued with them is who will contribute the most to the "Kaidou" fight, and who will contribute the most overall to the rooftop fight between Zoro and Kid, and Zoro came out on top on both case.
Powerwise, I don't care if Zoro or Kid is stronger. The only thing I agree is a fight between them will end up an extreme diff for both side.
I talked with my cousin about that. We all praised Oda because we only watched other Shonen like Naruto back then. Now that we’ve read a lot of other mangas and novels our view changed. We also got older, our expectations and our taste changed. One Piece stayed by its old formula. It’s a good manga but one of many
If you read/watched only Big 3 or just 5 manga max, you'd think OP is the best ever, Oda the greatest ever.
But when you explore 15+ manga /manhwa/webtoons, you realise that OP currently isn't as pleasing as some other stories.