Bakazuki Bakainu

The Seventh Wonder.
I honestly don’t see how anyone can think there hasn’t been a massive decline in quality since the time skip.

Like it’s so fucking obvious.

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Get my fingers crossed for a King hybrid being goofy free:king:
Prepare for the worst since it's Oda:

Us if Oda fucks up his hybrid design:

Seriously though, I really like Jack's, Queen's and Yamato's hybrid designs. Same with the Flying 6 too actually, although some hybrids seem to have more human-like faces compared to the others having more animal/zoan-like? Like Kaido's and Yamato's vs Drake, Queen and Page One for example? I expeted Kaido and Yamato to have their snouts/jaws or whateverfrom their Zoans in hybrid lol. We've yet to see Yamato's beast/zoan form yet too, can't wait for that!

I think Oda has held off on showing King's hybrid last purposely as it's gonna be the most badass/hype. We've seen everyone's except his and er well Orochi's now?!


I'm guessing what we saw of Maria was her in hybrid form the whole time too and she never used her zoan/beast form for some reason? Makes her look too ugly or something? I saw Oda's alternative design for her in the SBS and that was WILD, LMAO! We might get a similar case with King, where Oda gives us a badass design for King's Hybrid but he draws a joke/alternative one for a future SBS?

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