Symbol of Despair
If you think the moment with the Bellamy Pirates and BB is about fighting and not a pure character moment about "believing in and chasing one's dreams" then I don't think we have anything more discuss about this.

Yeah something which is the main focus and theme of the arc, and something which led to Jinbe's flashback, Fisher Tiger, Celestial Dragons and Otohime's stories. But that isn't a character moment nor a plot moment. Cools.

Nami asked and Sanji helped them save the minks. When did I ever disagree that Sanji didn't lead that flashback? It was literally the curly haired pirates. All I said is Zou arc had a lot of Nami moments than Sanji or Zoro or any other strawhat.

Sssssuuuuurrreeeee. But Nami somehow got cucked in that plotline for some reason

Yes she does. Oda said it in an interview. There's a ton of evidence in the story if you look at character moments outside of fights. But ok, you can run your agenda in denial for all I care. This discussion isn't going in any meaningful direction anyway.
Im sorry but didnt you bring up the Pacifista fight that literally had nothing to do with both Zoro and Sanji being present when Luffy declared he will be PK to Rayleigh. Is Zoro and Sanji being the only crewmates looking for their captain not good enough of a plot reason for them to be there.

Its a scene not a plotline. Cry

Yes and im speaking about people leading plotlines. It had Nami moments sure, but she didnt lead the plotline. Like I said she was a good supporting character. And it wasnt only cause of Nami that Sanji saved the minks. It was cause of Pedro as well.

Yh cause at the end Chopper and Mocha were the stars of that plotline.

What interview ? The main triggers one he said in the first proper arc ? Before he literally didnt write 90% of arcs.

No agenda here, just facts. Nami hadnt been the centre of attention for any plot line since Arlong Park