Symbol of Despair
Sanji opposed nami when Zoro stood up for luffy's respect and stood against ussop coming back without atoning for his deeds.. and she tried to justify it by saying "Oh that's a formality ehmehm and he's a friend.. "

he also stood by when nami was crying at luffy and ussop were having at eachother..

He also bet luffy infront of her while glaring at her.. so sanji knows reason when it comes down to it even if nami opposes that notion

Yea nami has been inconsiderate when luffy shut her up for blabbering too much.. but she has been the voice of reason whether luffy opposed it or not.. that includes the time when she tried to form a reconciliation between ussop and him by reasoning with him but it was too late..

Another instance of her being the source of realization for luffy is when luffy was stuck between buildings and nami had to expound what robin's doing for their sake.. which helped luffy realize the gravity of the situation..

And Zou she was the the one who supported sanji's retrieval when even Zoro denied.. you could say sanji was just that important but you can't deny nami gave luffy that push against what zoro said..
Yh he soft agreed with Zoro because hes scared of defying Nami openly. If it was Luffy was arguing with Zoro in that argument, Sanji wouldve taken the intiative more.

The only time Sanji ever opposed Nami was in WCI. And that was because of her and Zeff’s safety. Other than that….he’ll always listen to Nami, cause hes a simp. Obviously if Nami’s wrong, he’ll just tell her calmly and nicely. Again nothing about respect for status, its respect for her gender.

She's the voice of sympathy and empathy. She feels the most. She will always act in th most moral. Id hardly call that the voice of reason tho. Since a lot of times her reason is wrong.

Again thats a moment she gave exposition to Luffy and informed him of what was going on. Sanji and literally everyone else has done that to Luffy as well. For example, Usopp talking to Luffy in his fight with Lucci.

Luffy went cause both Nami and Zoro were annoying, so hed rather ask Sanji himself. If Luffy met Sanji in WCI, and Sanji told him that he’ll come back instead of doing what he did…..Luffy would just leave lol.


Again I feel like your just arguing my points for why Nami is the perfect supporting character and not main character. At the forefront of plotlines and doing the most in every different plotline is the M3. Shes only ever equal or overshadowed by other SHs in every plotline. When has Nami ever led a plotline recently. It really felt like she would in Wano, but Meme and Tama cucked her. And it didnt feel like she was leading anything, more like her getting carried and protected by Zeus and everything else.
Who is they ? Sanji and Zoro or Sanji and Nami ? Wtf are you even talking about. OG trio doesnt exist.
Og does exist dont let your insecurities blind you.
"Luffy Zoro and Nami are the trigger to one piece"
Oda said that when sanji and usopp had already joined:cheers:
And they is zoro and sanji the ones we are talking about
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