Redon's hint with the mointain reflecting was about Yamato's mirror mountain

Let that sink in, how can anyone ever guess that, oh yeah it's a name for yamato's technique to create a ice shield of herself to defened.

Those hints are some cryptic shit
this chapter will be about each of the three stating that they will free wano from kaido blah blah blah

and Luffy pummeling draogon kaido.
People are having names such as LORO,Lanji,Break leg langi,etc instead of having the name of someone they like they have names of somethey hate
What does this mean?
the amount of love some person have for there fav. character is less then the amount of hate they have for the other charcter.
:endthis:GROW UP:beckmoji:
They started hating their favourite characters. :kata: