Who is the strongest Gorosei?

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Chapter 1101: "To Bonney"
Coler Page: The Seven Vegapunks sitting at a table inside their laboratory eating different foods. (Stella is eating a corndog, Shaka is sipping a drink, Lilith is eating a chesse burger, Edison & Pathagoras are sharing kuzumochi, Atlas is having sushi while York is eating a whole pizza by herself)
-Saint Saturn orders Kuma to retrieve a young upstart on Foosha village, named Luffy.
-We see a montage of Kuma asking civilians about Luffy, all of whom seem annoyed at the topic.
-Kuma sees Luffy in the distance but is stopped by the sudden appearance of Dragon.
-Dragon reveals that Luffy is his son and Kuma decides to let him go, reporting that Luffy got away.

-Kuma & Dragon watch as Luffy leaves Foosha village for the first time, we also see Eustass Kidd, Trafalgar Law, Capone Bege & Blackbeard all on their pirate journeys.
-Blackbeard leaves on a piece of drift wood after murdering Thatch, holding up bounty posters of Lafitte & Jesus Burgess (we do not see their bounties).
-Chapter ends with Bonney defeating Alpha and sailing out to sea like the rest of the pirates.

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luffy left village at 14 years old/kid lol?

nice fake lol