Who is the strongest Gorosei?

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obv. he is faking it somewhat, kizaru is not in hurry, he usually do things fast, and even the goroshit pointed that out, kizaru dont want his friends to die, while its true that its not like kizaru can have the upper hand with luffy but he is not that worn out as he looks (ig), I mean he bringed food to luffy (prolyl) so he can atleast move and help but he dont want to
These are only your wet dreams. Kizaru didn't bring shit to Luffy. If Lizaru was in a state to bring food to Luffy without anybody noticing, then he wouldn't do that, he would directly go grab and save Bonney. Caribou gave food to Luffy. Cope. He got 1 shotted and has been disabled for the entirety of the flashback and is still disabled and sitting there. Caribou brought the food.
Only doubt I have is that the punch did not land at the end of chapter 1103 and it was not the cliffhanger of previous chapter

I think there is something that will prevent it from landing but we'll see
And imo if it was going to miss that would’ve been the cliffhanger, Saturn dodging. There’s no point building up an attack that’s going to miss…