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"Dreams are Messages from the Deep"
Chapter 1,074: News Report

-We see Big News Morgan on his flying ship on the way to an unknown island
-We see multiple bounties of pirates (BB commanders, Aokiji, etc.) and Marine Admirals alike
-He reports of the things that have happened since the end of Wano that Nico Robin did not touch one
-One of these is Mihawk vs. Fujitora, which ended in defeat for the later as he turns in Fujitora to Cross Guild
-Enel returns to the Blue Sea via the minions he gained in the cover story, he encounters Kizaru who is confused on who he is after he tried to attack him
-The result of this battle is unknown, but it is heavily implied Kizaru won and Enel escaped
-We see the Blackbeard Pirates and their fight with Garp as he tries to rescue Koby. It is revealed that Law too escaped but barely as he is on the Polar Tang seeking refuge and recovery
-At the end of the chapter, we head back to the Straw Hats as Jaygarica Saturn and Kizaru land on Egghead
Oda would never give us a chapter this hype.