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Kizaruber Eats

Life's coin always has two sides; flip it wisely.
TCB chapter when? I'm tweaaaakkkiiinnggg knowing SPOOOOILLAAAAASSSS are out and I can't click
We've not even had the fool summary out nor raws tbh. You've not seen the spoilers? I won't spoil you ofc but you're gonna LOVE this chapter! It's not what we expected at all but what we get instead is AMAZING LMAO!

its jika!

Me trying to complain to Oda about OP as a song too:

I know One Piece's journey is grand and immense,
With islands aplenty, it's getting quite dense.
The mysteries deepen, the plot's getting tense,
Oda, my dear, we're in suspense!

Right, simplification,
I know you plan arcs just to thrill and surprise,
But it's getting complex, it's reaching the skies.
If we streamline the story, the fans will be wise,
To enjoy without headache, oh please, be concise!

You can trim the plotlines down,
It'll be a happy tale in the One Piece town!

Let me stop you right there (oh)
Save us all precious time (okay)
If what you're suggesting is losing the lore,
Sorry, sweetie, but there's so much more in store.

'Cause One Piece is forever, whether you like it or not,
Got a thousand episodes, and the story won't stop.
'Cause the world is vast and wide,
Characters with dreams and pride,
They're sailin' for their goals, and we won't let it flop.
(Okay, but-)

Just try to chillax, Ghostly, you're wasting your breath,
Did I hear you imply we should welcome a death?
Are they pirates? Are they fighters?
'Cause it's a shōnen tale (well, actually, if you take a look—)
Fair is fair, set sail without fail.

And when all's said and done (said and done),
There's the thrill of the run,
And for those of us with a manga assignment,
Complication is endless refinement!
Drawing panels, oh yeah!

One Piece is forever, whether you like it or not,
We're exploring the world from the sea to the spot.
'Cause the story's vast and wide,
With Nakama by your side,
They're chasin' after dreams, and we won't let it clot.

One Piece is forever, and it's meant to be a lot,
So give up on your endeavor, 'cause it's a tale that can't clot.
Long as I got your attention,
I guess I should probably mention,
That we're just getting started on this pirate-filled plot!

Um, wait, didn't you—
Ugh, plot holes!
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