Who is the strongest Gorosei?

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I don't want to shit on everyone's party but the way they showed Sanjis speed feat was horrible. There is no distinguishing quality to it, in fact the way Sanjis speed was depicted against Oven looked more impressive.
That's why I don't watch the anime, it's no use having good animation if they distort the notions of events. They make things seem more than they are by hype.
Yeah, I believe he did. But you're right they didn't have him go from the head kick to the combo into Burst. But them isolating BB actually was a good idea, made it feel more special, which it was. They should have had him fly through the roof though, like a burst of energy launching him to the moon, that was a blunder on the animes part.
Can't have everything we want unfortunately

But there were awesome adittions that end up as a compensation tho