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  • Mr Sandman, bring me a dream

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  • TAC and Doggo

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Chapter 1074: “Winner”
- Chapter starts on the seas outside of Amazon Lily, Fujitora and Smoker are talking.
- Apparently Yamakiji sent a call for assistance after Rayleighs interference
- The scene shifts to egghead where Luffy is still running around looking for Vega and Bonney, he and Chopper find a newspaper
- Luffy is angry
- In the end we see Law and Coby sharing a cell. Both are bloodied and broken.
Seems legit
Chapter 1074: Memories of a Broken Man

- Chapter starts with Bonney and Vegapunk talking about kumas travelling as a scholar
- Kuma travelled with Olvia, they met in Paradise plus some other stuff
- The Punks arrive on the ship, Edison comments about choppers medical equipment
- Luffy, Zoro and Sanji go to find Vegapunk and Bonney
- Kizaru talks to doll, saying to head to egghead already
- Last page of the Chapter, Mihawk cuts up the Greenbulls ship as he senses weevil on it
This is actually legit
Chapter 1074: “the strongest slash”
- mihawk cut a sea king and his slash accidentaly killed ryokogyou in the new world fujitora on amazon lily and kizaru on egghead.

- saturn :" fuck "
2 chapters next week