1 month break = Urouge preparation
It’s not okay what he did and I understand your anger
I just don’t understand why this discussion started now
I’m not trying to babysit anyone
I’m just trying to stop a escalation.
I’m not even angry even though you’re insulting me right now because I can understand your anger
fuck off with stopping escalation, mods have babied kinyagi for too long, he acts like a victim and its sad

someone needs to put him down a peg and he should finally be perma banned

Blother Fertitta

The only time I joked about death was a “Lance has passed away” message I sent shortly after I joined back when I was AdmiralKinyagi.

That was stupid and I literally apologized to Redon personally.
Bro please do it again, shit was hilarious
Lance the built in L stormed off the forum like a lame