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@Fenaker @Patryipe @gojo @nik87 @HA001 @Zenos7 @ShishioIsBack @Light D Lamperouge @Zowo @Topi Jerami @Admiral Lee Hung @Sade @Don DaSlayer @Dark Hound What you guys think about Kyros? During Dressrosa Arc,he became one of my favorite non Straw Hats characters. He's a example of a true great good-aligned character. I wanna him to come participate of Onigashima War so much. He will be a endlessly more valuable ally than biggest part of the fleet and those which are already there.
Just helping.
But alas my own opinion. He would indeed be a huge ally, But his place is with Rebecca atm, and unless she wants to branch out and explore what life has for her, He's staying put with her or something like that.