Title: The Great War of Wanokuni Begins Now
Nekomamushi Inuyarashi Sicilian's full moon version released
Inflicts inner wounds on Kaido
Kaido also transforms into dragon foam, but it seems a little different?
Big Mom, who was watching the appearance, looked at the moon
Luffy attacks Big Mom with Gear 4 from the start
Big Mom smiles and defends with armed color
Luffy is very sick and caught by Big Mom due to armed conflict
Big Mom’s new technology burns public rupees
At that moment, Jinbe appears and uses a troop to blow away Big Mom.
Robin brings down Luffy to his power
Yamato v.s Big Mom
Big Mom: Your stupid dad said you owe me a lot
Yamato ignores the words of Big Mom and attacks with a brainstorming bagua
Ulti appears and fights Yamato with Ultigun.
Big Mom: Okay, let me tell you the secret of Kaido !!!
(The egg is in the Kaido Oro Jackson, which was sealed by Roger after the Rocks.
What Big Mom got when Roger came to steal Rod Ponegriph.
This was the identity of the debt)
All Mink are retired
The appearance of Kaido covers the sky

Big Mom The time has finally come When the fourth full moon arrives, his power is finally released!!
Heavenly God Uranos !!!

Saying that sacrifices were gathered on a black background
Act 3 ends

Closed next week

HMM, too good to be true
everything is good except Luffy part....why is he so useless.....:josad:
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it is true ....Harashima is known as lewd king....