what do you think of yamato

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  • too early to tell

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  • #yamato4nakana

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  • she is trash

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  • seth gone nuts

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The more that I think about it the more that I realise that Aokiji deserves whatever Blackbeard does to him after he gave Spandam that buster Call

Fuck him, Risking the lives of Water 7 all to scare off Robin
And yet people Ship him and Robin together.
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Yes I'm poor as hell
That sucks.


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If I open a gofundme would you donate, Rav-Chan? :feelsokeman:
Getting a good and cheap PC is not that hard. The only problem is the graphic cards tbh.
I'll fix it tomorrow. I know what's wrong just don't have the time to work on it lol
And yeah Graphics cards are a bitch nowadays
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Why are all the Reborn's wearing the same Light Yagami avy? lol

Y'all too funny man 😂
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I need funding too. I gotta buy the new 1000XM4. :amazing:
Nah that's called being spoiled :seriously:

I need funding to buy food man...and diapers for my kids...my house smells like shit :lusalty:

There're levels to this
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Bayern is just too stronk

The true Navy equivalent
Yea I have the game on in the background, Barca getting their cheeks spanked lol