Fly to the Sky High
Confirmed by redon
- The chapter begins with the Shinuchi Speed. Tama has traveled to Onigashima on Speed's ship.
- It seems that the Shinuchi and the Gifters are eating dangos to become allies.
- Franky Vs. Sasaki.
- Nami uses the "Thunderlance Tempo" against Ulti.
- Usopp shoots dangos at enemies.
- Black Maria says something about Nico Robin to Sanji (about the image).
- Baofang finds the Red Pods with his ability.
- King orders something from Black Maria.
- It seems that in the area where the Red Pods are there are not only 9 people, there are 10 according to Baofang. That 10th person is helping them.
- Next week there is rest.