Break by Oda-sensei
Break by Magazine
Break by Magazine

Expect Break by Oda-sensei after 1022 or 1023.

Oda acts like breaks by the magazine have nothing to do with him... as if he doesent have a break as well when the magazine takes a break. Awful chapter pacing. And its not like we get much info in every chapter or they are specially long or so...
Title "Jinbe V.S Who Is Who"

* Tamaga has been targeted by the Cairo camp and chased.

* CNUTCHI will take turns protecting Tama...
Tama and Nami seem to be on speed.
(Possessed to be Usob's "Give me a ride.")

* Nami recognizes Zeus as a "jjakgoong." 相棒

* Power status analysis cut of CP0. With reference to Who's Who.

* From here, all Jingbe v.s. Who are you?

Who exactly resented the Shanks for stealing the rubber fruit from him.
But Luffy is targeted because he wears a Shanks hat and eats rubber fruit.
Also using the technology "🌕"

* A long time ago, a legendary warrior who believed that slaves would save them, "The sun god 🌕🌕" by a guard.
I've hung on to this legend once in the throes of imprisonment.

* And the guard who told Hoozhu the story was later removed.
Feeling threatened, Hoozhu hurriedly escaped from prison.
Jingbe asked this story because it was Jingbe who led the Sun Pirates and former slaves.

* Jingbe's lethal move to hoodie

* Next issue.