By now 8. This would be the ninth.

1. Snake left arm - neck
2. Snake right arm - neck
3. Rottweiler right arm
4. Family Name right arm (under the Rottweiler)
5. Bear left arm
6. Music-related Skull with cards right forearm (outside)
7. Berlin Bear Symbol right forearm (inside)
8. Albumcover of a band, tattoed by the bandleader - left forearm outside

This Tattoo would come inside of the left forearm. I guess. I am thinking about it.
I'm a rookie compared to you, 3 tattoos on the right arm:
- Wolf on the right arm exterior
- Windrose on the right shoulder, just above the wolf
- Winged billiard ball (number 8) crossed by two pistons on the right forearm (outside)