Who will join Kid pirates after Wano?

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got early spoilers from my provider

- Chapter 1.029 Title : "King the Wildfire"
- Zoro vs King.

- We see that King is now using his sword.
- King has this weird feeling that he fought Zoro in the past.
- At some point, they clash with new named attacks, and they both use the Color of the Supreme King haki.
- The impact is so strong that King's entire mask is now destroyed and Zoro loses his bandana.
- King is very angry and in an instant he transforms into a giant inflamed pteranodon. He has two pairs of wings. (could it be awakened Zoan?)
- King: "..."
- Zoro: "What kind of monster are you!?"
- King: "No one has ever seen this form before, you will be the first and last person to see it."
- We see that the area is now completely surrounded by tall flames.
- No Break next week
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