Ghostly Reflections

1st video written, releasing VERY soon!
Next week is also a break, right? :josad:
No it shouldn't be? We have a chapter scheduled on 24th October, the next Sunday after this one.

There shouldn't be a WSJ break until Christmas/Late December either, so unless there's an unplanned/emergency break, we should have another 3 chapters including next week's and then another Oda break. So we have 1 more Oda break in November, so we won't get a chapter on the 14th of November I think? Just over 4 weeks from now?

Now, we may get another Oda break around 5th or 12th December, not sure? But Oda might try to put out more chapters instead? We should get early spoilers for the WSJ/Christmas break though.

I might be mistaken about some of this but we definitely have a chapter next week at least!