I'm glad we're (seemingly) in the home stretch for this arc. I hope Kaido has a good backstory, but what happened with Sabo, Vivi and Blackbeard seem far more interesting than Kaido up to this point.
I think it's fair to be more excited for those things when compared to just seeing Kaido fight in current time, but Kaido's flashback? I'm equally if not more hyped in seeing that when compared to those things.
You're being really weird just cause you don't remember, Luffy's haki pool > Hyogoro's (or at least old Hyogoro), he taught him how to use haki outwards and recognized Luffy's power was already beyond him but it's the same concept just stronger, just like Katakuri could punch Luffy harder despite both using the same armament just different levels.
You might be angry about how it's applied in the manga but it's undeniably the same concept in canon.

The same concept different levels. It's a 2 PUs in one shot. See, it's as simple as drinking water. Now go be a nuisance somewhere else. :tchpepe: