Dogs vs Cats

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He's both tbh.

Either way, it supports 2 things:

- that Sanji vs Queen isn't over
- Kid's fight is highly tied to Killer's anyway

Regardless I would not be surprised. Depending on the context, that could be Kid smashing BMs head into the wall, which he's done to Apoo and her already
the hint is 'banging head on a brick wall' which is probably how Kid and Law are viewing their fight with BM, i.e they can't seem to do anything to her.
Seems like we'll get some focus and Sanji and Queen and Killer vs Hawkins.

All hints point towards Hawkins arm getting chopped off but I feel we may even get a cliff hanger of Kidd dying. Hawkins confirming that Kidd has a 1% chance of living? Anyway, I think Killer vs Hawkins ends here and setups up Big Mom vs Kidd and Law in the near future.

Also, Sanji vs Queen. It seems we may continue off from there for a bit. If he gets around a third of the chapter, he may finally say that he needs to the raid suit if Queen can still tank his exoskeleton kicks.

Also apparently this chapter is mid