Who will join Kid pirates after Wano?

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Seems like we'll get some focus and Sanji and Queen and Killer vs Hawkins.

All hints point towards Hawkins arm getting chopped off but I feel we may even get a cliff hanger of Kidd dying. Hawkins confirming that Kidd has a 1% chance of living? Anyway, I think Killer vs Hawkins ends here and setups up Big Mom vs Kidd and Law in the near future.

Also, Sanji vs Queen. It seems we may continue off from there for a bit. If he gets around a third of the chapter, he may finally say that he needs to the raid suit if Queen can still tank his exoskeleton kicks.

Also apparently this chapter is mid
Morj's new raid failing video is just sad.

It's basically "Oda has written so many parts of this arc really badly but i still have faith in him that this is all just a 60 chapter setup for the real final battle later".
I just can't enjoy his content that much anymore. The moment this raid went past the 20 chapter mark the chances of it failing were close to zero. Now we have most of the Beast Pirates being defeated while Kaido is said to be weakened, like how the fuck is Kaido supposed to fall if he wins here?