Who will join Kid pirates after Wano?

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I wished we could've seen some of the retired Hashira fighting tho

Urokodaki and Rengoku's father would've been nice...

oh well

series has a lot of flaws for me, but it was still a fun read, i don't mind it

i hope JJK can bring me the same level of fun
Doma was a idiot. He should kill Shinobu without eating her. He could easily kill Shinobu,Kanao and Inu. He was a beast same as the first Moon who let him killed too. For me the first moon was legit better then Muzan battle xD.
I agree, Kokushibo's fight was better than Muzan's

Muzan's was kinda meh, all he did was spam those arms and stand still tanking a bunch of hits for almost an hour, then he tried running, it was kinda pathetic really