Who will join Kid pirates after Wano?

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Ghostly Reflections

RIP Meat Loaf. Legendary singer.
1. Sank 3 ships? Yawn. Carrot by herself Sank more ships lol

2. Chopper sanji and zoro have injured commanders. Brook even damaged a yonkos ability. So again yawn. Zoro also damaged a yonkos ability while permanently scarring another yonko lol

3. Sank kaidos ship the same as luffy and law. Hell luffys crew Sank ships of their own so again yawn.

4. Hit appo. Did zero damage appo gets up and folds kidd the same way he did luffy and zoro. With zoro eventually one shooting him and taking the antidote. So again yawn.

5. Blackbeared is the only current fiddle to luffy. It ain't kidd bro. It's a reason why oda named him kidd. Because he is a child once in comparison to our main man luffy
1. She needed Sulong to do it. I think some were at least those smaller ships too.

2. Zoro is one of Oda's favourites and MCs so not much of an argument there. Ofc Oda is gonna wank him hard. No shit the Strawhats did all that too, it doesn't change anything from what Kid did and he doesn't have the same kind of BS plot armor/convenience/stupidity that the SHs get in their favour. The odds are so heavily biased in the SHs favour and nobody will ever get a fair comparison to them truly.

3. Apoo was still fine even after Zoro too. Apoo also made Zoro panic and run. Killer was the one who figured out how to counter him.

4. You're making of someone being called Kid whilst acting very childish yourself, is that irony and lack of self awareness? Projection?
Blackbeard is old generation too, he ain't gonna last, he's gonna get taken down and be forgotten about in time. Oda doesn't even want him to be the main villain as shown by Imu being revealed now too. Blackbeard fails in importance and role to Imu easily.

But yeah carry on in your igorance anyway, it's only going to age poorly for you. What I said about Kid still stands whether you like it or not, you had to reference so many people just to try to counter me and slander Kid, that says a lot too. Shall we compare him to every other main character in the series too? Just to really try to fuel your slander?

I thought you being a Coby fan would appreciate characters more for who they are and not their feats, but I guess not too?
So a boring Raizou chapter with Drake vs Apoo..

Hope there is no break next week and we finally can have the half finals
Watch when Raizou and Apoo fights actually snap.
Though again, low-key confused that Jack didn't get half as much effort as Hawkins. What did Jack do to deserve this? Was he unpopular or something? Or Oda just had to get the parallel moment with Dog and Cat so didn't have space to draw a fight.