Who will join Kid pirates after Wano?

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But it's literally that, I'm not saying he is scared of mihawk or his ambition

He is scared of failing, he doesn't care about wether he lives or not and he doesn't want to back down, he wants to be the world's strongest swordman, or die trying, for him there's no third option

And we are literally agreeing, he'd rather die during the battle than be defeated
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Jeez, we're really just a bunch of junkies looking for our fix
Im reinforcing a point because you are failing to understand the fight. There is 0 point in ch 51 where Zoro in that fight is scarred of losing his dream/ambition, whatever synonymous word you want to use. If he was scarred of losing his dream he would have admitted defeat.

Your quote below

"Zoro was also scared against mihawk, because he was at the risk of losing his dream" if you are going to tell me of and against in these quotes is not comparing apples to apples then idk what to say.

Wasnt scared, was shocked at the difference in skill

Failure in the eyes of the beholder means death