Dogs vs Cats

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No actually, failure for zoro is worse than death, which is why he'd rather die trying than lose
I dont know how many ways I can attempt to reinforce the point. There are not 2 scenarios, all roads will lead to one and only scenario

Failure for Zoro is death, because he will die every single time than EVER admitting defeat.
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What happened to the Yamato joins Kid train
I thought it was the Page One and Ulti join Kidd train


It seems a little personal between you two lmao and there is nothing to trust here, the magazine is probably promoting the Climax of WANO and thats all, if I remember correctly they kept saying CLIMAX in WCI for like 30 chapters straight lol
Theres nothing personal. Most people that are active on this forum know that YP is a clout chaser and pretends to have more connections than he actually has.