Who will join Kid pirates after Wano?

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I'll never forgive you Jackteo
Spoilers 1034:

We see queen laugh, he says sanji's attack can't penetrate his defense.

Sanji has a flashback. We see him with Zeff, he says he was part of Rocks crew, the vice captain. Zeff says that there 1 in a millions Has a king's ambition, he is one of them, all from Rocks crew had it. But even among king's ambition, very few know how to he the real power of coc. Zeff coats his leg with coc and kicks a giant pirate ship that was attacking the Baratie, to take over it. His leg had black lightning sparks coming out of it. The leg was not even touching the ship yet IT got wrecked into pieces.

Back to present time, sanji says he has to take his kicks to the next level to beat guys Like this and remembers when luffy invited him to join his crew because he ia very strong and he wants strong people Like him to become pirate king.

Sanji's legs Have black lightning sparks coming out of them.

Queen: so, You want to be become conqueror, kid?

Sanji: yes, I owe IT to my Best friend and captain Pk luffy.

Chapter end
Nah but I wish I was! The closest I am to being Spanish (apart from getting called a penedejo) is genuinely being confused for one of the local people in Spain (Benidorm specifically) by the local people thesmelves, when I was there on holiday many years ago! Absolutely loved it there though! I got to visit villages, go near and through valleys and mountains and such, visit a very rural farm area and eat their local, natural food and thus cooking and such.


If I wasn't so afraid of travelling now, I would keep visiting Spain gladly! I'd love to move there one day somehow though! Twice in my life, I almost opted to study it instead of Japanese but I chose Japanese both times and regretted it!


Both my parents love Spain too apparently, I know my mum does for certain and my dad must do too surely, as he went there and cheated on my mum with a Spanish woman and had kids with her too! Jokes on her, he cheated on her too with an African woman (I am natively born in Africa but live in the UK for most of my life now) and had a kid with her too!

I could be a One Piece character with such a shitty and absent father to think of it!

What a nice story you have XD